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Wine tasting at the “Commanderij Rijk van Nijmegen”

Are you interested in wine? Would you like the opportunity to know more about wine, and to taste wine more often? Then joining the wine guild is the right thing to do. We organize wine tastings with a specific topic on a monthly basis. The members themselves select the following topics: wine country, area, grape varietal, or a wine tasting with curiosities taken from members’ cellars. Because of this, you are ensured to enjoy 10 entertaining tasting events every year. Upcoming tasting themes are noted in the agenda.

Nijmegen, foto proeverijFor everyone who appreciates wine

All our members are wine enthusiasts and like to expand their knowledge by tasting. The knowledge and experience of our members are diverse. We have members who work with wine on a daily professional basis, while others have only basic knowledge. Some members are even graduated sommeliers. Our primary goal, however is to learn in a casual and welcoming environment. We are serious about wine tasting, but there is also ample opportunity to unwind and meet new friends. We are not a commercial wine club.

Always interesting tasting topics

Our “Wine Master” compiles the list of topics with the members. A team of 2-4 members organizes the Wine Tasting Event. They select 12 wines according to the chosen theme. These wines are tasted on a one-by-one basis, or compared in flights of 2-3, and discussed with the whole group.
The level of tasting is such that you get a good impression of the chosen topic wines. We also taste iconic wines, wines you will rarely get the chance to taste!

Every year, the National Wine Master selects the annual event theme. There is also an annual dinner where members’ partners are welcome to join. The selected restaurant for this annual event changes every time.
The selected wines will be highlighted during dinner. The restaurant chef will explain the menu items and reasons for his choice of wine and food pairing.

When, how, and where?

Our monthly tasting evenings take place on every third Tuesday. The tasting location is ’t Zaaltje, Carmelweg 2 in the Heilig Landstichting. We start at 8 pm. Usually we have 25 members attending. Everyone brings his own glasses and spittoon (spitting bucket). The evening is capped off with a glass of wine accompanied by cheese, a paté, or a local delicacy from the theme wine area. The evening ends around 11 pm.

More about our Wine Guild

The Commanderij Rijk van Nijmegen is a local chapter of the Dutch Wine Guild, and was established in 1985. Some of the original founders are still active members.
Our chapter has around 30 members. The primary objective is organizing wine tasting evenings.
Depending on member demand, we also organize wine travel. These travels bring us to premier wineries where we taste great wines. For decorum and membership level options, we kindly refer to the web site of the Dutch Wine Guild.

Calendar year and membership dues

Our organization year is equal to the calendar year. The annual membership cost is € 150,- per member. Although there are no additional costs for the tasting evenings, there are costs for optional participation to wine travel and the annual dinner. For tasting evenings you need to bring wine glasses and a spitting bucket. The wines, French bread, and snacks are provided by the organizing team.

Interested in becoming a member?

Did we spark your interest? Perhaps you would like to join us once for free? Send an email message to our secretary. He will be happy to provide more information, take care of your membership application, and answer any questions you may have. Applications are welcome all year round.

Translation Reinier van der Lee (former member), Van der Lee Vineyard, California USA

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